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What are the facilities at New Mopa Airport?

The Mopa Airport, located in the tropical paradise of Goa, is a prime example of contemporary aviation perfection. With a wide range of top-notch amenities, this cutting-edge aerodrome meets the growing needs of both domestic and international travelers. In this blog, we set out on a discovery adventure to learn more about the lavish amenities and distinctive features that set Mopa Airport apart from other airports in the aviation industry.

1. The Palatial Terminal architecture: The magnificence of Mopa Airport’s terminal architecture inspires tourists. Its architectural marvel emanates elegance and modernism, providing passengers with a memorable first impression. This enormous edifice, outfitted with cutting-edge technology, enables a smooth check-in process, setting the tone for a stress-free travel experience.
Beautiful Lounges: The airport has magnificent lounges dedicated to premium travelers, providing them with a calm getaway before their journey. These lounges redefine opulence with plush couches, exquisite foods, and customized service.

2. Shopping and Dining Extravaganza: Mopa Airport’s plethora of upscale boutiques and duty-free stores elevate retail therapy to new levels. Travelers may go on a shopping spree unlike any other, with everything from designer clothing to regional handicrafts.
Gourmet Haven: The variety of dining options offered at Mopa Airport will thrill foodies. The restaurants and cafes at the airport serve a variety of cuisines, including real Goan fare.

3. World-class Business Facilities: Mopa Airport goes above and above to accommodate business travelers with first-rate services.
Conference Rooms: Fully furnished conference rooms provide an ideal setting for conferences and gatherings that combines business with comfort.

4. Accessibility for Passengers with Disabilities: Mopa Airport is dedicated to providing accessibility for all travelers, including those who need special assistance.
aid Services: Passengers with impairments or mobility issues can receive individualized aid and support from trained employees.

What transportation options are there at Mopa Airport?
There are numerous transportation choices at Mopa Airport, enabling visitors to easily reach numerous locations throughout Goa. Mopa Airport offers dependable and convenient transportation options for travelers who want to explore the beautiful beaches, savor the colorful Goan culture, or learn about the state’s extensive history. The following list includes the transportation options:
Dedicated cab services are readily available outside the terminal building at Mopa Airport for travelers’ convenience. These roomy, air-conditioned taxis provide a practical, hassle-free way for people to get where they need to go. Drivers with experience and courtesy are familiar with the local roads, providing a quick and easy trip.

Self Driven Vehicles : Mopa Airport offers access to various renowned car rental in Goa companies at Goa airport for people who prefer to drive themselves. Depending on their interests and the size of their company, travelers can select from a wide variety of vehicles, from little cars to roomy SUVs. Travelers can organize their itinerary independently with the freedom of a self drive cars in Goa, which ups the excitement factor of their Goa vacation.
Visitors have a hassle-free option to rent a car at Mopa Airport thanks to the operation of several reputable car rental companies from the airport. These services accommodate different budgets and interests, whether it is a short-term rental or a long-term lease, making commuting throughout the state easy and enjoyable.

Public bus services connect Mopa Airport with several areas of Goa for travelers on a tight budget. The state-run and private buses provide a more affordable mode of transportation, enabling travelers to take in the charm of Goa’s stunning surroundings while traveling and getting a taste of the native way of life.


Mopa Airport brings the flight experience to new heights with its opulent amenities, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to excellence. As visitors enter this lavish hideaway, they begin a journey of luxury, convenience, and splendor, setting the stage for priceless memories in Goa’s tropical paradise. If you are landing at Mopa Airport and thinking to hire car rental at Mopa Airport or an off drive car to beat monsoon season like Thar rental in Goa then you should try Unique Car Rental services in Goa. We have all variety of cars for your modern needs.

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